Just when he thought his day couldn’t get any worse...

Christopher Wilson, a scientist working at Tigra Corpa Chemical Research, finds himself trapped in his office after a mercenary assault on the building. With all his colleagues held hostage, Chris must take matters into his own hands...

A man in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the odds stacked against him.

Chris also suffers from a rare medical condition that causes his sight to become impaired over time - not the most helpful affliction when you are trying to take on a building full of terrorists! Add to that the fact that Chris knows very little about guns, even simple actions such as how to reload them and it’s hard to imagine any book keeper would give him odds better than winning the lottery.

Although it pays to remember that someone has to win the lottery...

Game Features:

  • Use your scientific brain to hack into computers, bypass security systems and recode your pass to progress.
  • Make explosive cocktails by finding and mixing chemicals for different results. Remember: explosions can hurt you too!
  • Use the cover system to stay alive – scientists don’t have the advantage of body armour.
  • Use a wide variety of weapons - a new experience for Chris.


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Game Publisher: Midas Interactive
Category Shooters
Multiplayer: No
Game Language:
ESRB Rating:

Minimum System Requirements

Will Play on: VISTA+, WINXP+
CPU 1200 Mhz
RAM 256 MB
File Size: 537.5 MB