Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman's back, drawing you closer than ever into his deadly world where staying anonymous, being smart and totally ruthless are the key to a perfect execution. Lucrative contracts on the rich and powerful in high profile locations, make killing for money good business. But when a rival agency enters the scene it's war and only the best man will be left standing.

  • Earn payment for the successful assassination of targets, the more professional your approach, the higher the reward.
  • Play stealthily like a professional assassin or take out everyone in your path, but don't expect to escape the consequences if you leave a trail of evidence behind you. Your notoriety will affect your passage through the game.
  • Use the funds you accumulate to purchase custom built weapon parts, to increase precision and effectiveness and reflect your preferred playing style.
  • The world of the assassin has never been so interactive or looked so good. Living, breathing locations based upon real word environments and scenarios create a multitude of assassination possibilities, potential challenges and re-playable scenarios. Whilst never before seen levels of detail; including next-generation technical effects add even more realism to the game.
  • Use the environment to your advantage, climb, scale and vault through your surroundings, to hunt down and eliminate your targets.
  • New reactionary moves allow you to respond to the situations at hand - use hand to hand combat, distraction, hostages and many new assassination techniques to reach and take down your targets
  • Realistic world simulation, with intelligent civilians and hostiles, observe and react to your behavior and respond to your notoriety.
  • Fully dynamic camera, featuring 1st and 3rd person modes.


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Game Publisher: Eidos
Category Shooters
Multiplayer: No
Game Language: English
ESRB Rating:

Minimum System Requirements

Will Play on: VISTA+, WINNT+, WINXP+
CPU 800 Mhz
RAM 128 MB
File Size: 4.3 GB