Deer Drive

Bring all the ammo you can get your hands on, because open season just arrived - BIG TIME! No blinds, decoys or endless hours of stalking and tracking! Just pure shooting fun, as herds of deer are driven into your sights!

Deer Drive features three major trophy species including two dangerous species, three superbly balanced weapons, beautiful natural environments, and most importantly - the most addictive shooting gameplay of any hunting game ever created!

Deer Drive is an arcade-style deer hunting game. Take aim from your cover, and pick off the best trophies as they run headlong past you. Do you go for the Prize Whitetail Buck, or play it safe and take out the marauding grizzly before he takes you out?

Game Features:

  • The environments have been meticulously recreated with natural environmental sounds and realistic weather effects
  • Scores of magnificent animals to shoot, including trophy whitetails, dangerous charging moose, a deadly rampaging grizzly, and an assortment of birds and small varmints.
  • All animals feature full rag-doll physics and superb hand-crafted animations.
  • Party mode for even more fun with friends
  • Shoot accurately and carefully for bonuses and power-ups.
  • Free Windows screensaver featuring all of animals found in the game.


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Game Publisher: Meridian4
Category Shooters
Multiplayer: No
Game Language: English
ESRB Rating:

Minimum System Requirements

Will Play on: VISTA+, WINXP+
CPU 1000 Mhz
RAM 256 MB
File Size: 54.9 MB