Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

The Dirty 1/2 Dozen are back in action. Lead the team into harms way in "Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty". You are in command of Tiny, Spooky, Duke, Fins, Tread, and Inferno as they sneak into Eastern Europe, Greece, and Germany to finish the job they started. Armed with new weapons and devious decoys, the Commandos vow to fight until victory. However, the Germans have other plans for the boys. They have doubled their vigilance and strengthened their bases with Panzer and Luftwaffe reinforcements.

Can you go beyond the call of duty to finally win the war in Europe?

Game Features:

  • 8 New Missions with new goals, including kidnapping a German officer, destroying a big train-mounted gun, sabotaging prototype aircraft, etc.
  • New scenarios: the Channel Islands, Rastenburg, Bonn, Belgrade, Holland, Crete, etc.
  • New buildings
  • Substantially bigger maps
  • Improved quality graphics

New Skills:

  • Use a cigarette pack to distract the enemy
  • Use a stone to distract the enemy
  • Arrest a German soldier and force him to take certain actions
  • Other new skills under development

New Weapons:

  • Long-range single-shot rifle
  • Other new weapons under development


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Game Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital, Ltd.
Category Strategy
Multiplayer: No
Game Language: English
ESRB Rating:

Minimum System Requirements

Will Play on: VISTA+, WINXP+
CPU 140 Mhz
File Size: 325.9 MB